La cuvée LE PÉROU

Le Pérou est un breuvage d’une gourmandise étonnante (12,5 °C). Un vin de soif aux tanins discrets et élégants. C’est une corbeille de fruits passant des agrumes aux fruits rouges pour finir sur le fumé dû à la chaleur de son micro-climat. Vin aérien, vibrant, gouleyant ! Le format magnum est bien adapté.


My name is Valentin, i grew up in a small town near Chinon where my parents owned a car garage. They encouraged me to study, and i choose engeneering. After working for a few years in an office, i finally realized that it was not for me !

Because I have always loved wine and nature, we decided in 2016 with Marie to take a huge turn…

We had the desire of building a new project, more authentic and vivid, that would be both professionnal and familial and that could better suit to our deep nature.

With our one-year-old son, we moved to Burgoundy, and i went back to school : A BTS in Viticulture and Oenologie located in Mâcon. The same year, Yvon and Jules Métra trained me during my internships, and are still teaching me new stuff today 😉

Then i worked in different wine regions where i had the chance to learn from other winemakers such as : Tanguy Perrault, Philippe Chigard, Bernard Baudry…

During this learning period, Marie accepted all our new destinations, relocations, and she followed me in this crazy adventure. I couldn’t be more happy and i’m very gratefull for her incredible support !


JULY 2017


For over 18 months we searched for an estate with terroirs suitable for top-of-the-line artisanal wines. We visited countless vineyards in Touraine, Anjou, Muscadet, …



11 ha in Beaumont en Véron (AOC Chinon). Old vines (30 to 60 years old) planted on hillsides with 6 different terroirs. 70% of massal selections and a beautiful cellar in the tuffeau.

MARCH 2019


24 friends and relatives invested 170,000 euros and allowed us to proceed to the next stage of the adventure. Thanks again to all of you!!



Immediate conversion to environmentally conscious organic viticulture. My brother gets into business with me and finally decides to leave and go in another direction in October 2022. I chose to keep the original name of the estate unchanged because I don’t want to erase the paste. He was fully in the development and construction of this project. Today the word ``Frères`` with a capital F incorporate all of those who support us and are the estate’s lifeblood.



The first bottle is corked; it stirs your guts! Cashflow is very tight... we decide to hit the road to do wine tasting with our 1st cuvée Le Pérou 2020. Fortunatly wine shops like the product and start to talk about it: they become our ambassadors! 2 months later we can see an article about us in Le Monde and the radio show “On va déguster” also talk about Le Pérou. Survival times are over, it’s getting started!

AVRIL 2023


It takes time ! After a long maturation, the last one of our 7 cuvées “La Roche Bobreau 2020” is ready. We can now compare the 7 terroirs and see how the Cabernet Franc will taste different depending on the kind of soil it grew on. It fascinate us, we could talk about that for hours ! Cheers !

Stimulate the life

In every way, we strive for a healthy environment:

  • Soil: We work mainly with quad vehicles to avoid compacting the soil. Last year we worked the vineyards with a tractor only 3 times. The vines are AB certified, C2
  • Vines: We trim the vines only once per year (compared to the 3-4 times for most winemakers). This technique provides each vine with a maximum number of leaves, thus aiding photosynthesis and improving the aromatic complexity of the fruit.
  • Fruit: We harvest by hand and make sure to only bring in cold grapes to be able to vinify naturally. This past vendage, we harvested between 4:00 am and 11:00 am, using headlamps when necessary.
  • Wine: Fermentation is launched by indigenous yeast. We endeavor to produce vibrant, artisanal, and precise wines with the characteristics of each specific terroir.

We bottle our wine by parcel, each cuvée bearing the name of its unique terroir: Le Pérou, Les Moulins de Beau Puy, Les Picasses, …

Red: 100% Cabernet Franc, White: 100% Chenin.


Le Pérou is an astonishingly delightful and drinkable wine with discreet and elegant tannins. Imagine a basket of fruit, going from citrus flavors to red berries, to finish with a hint of the heat of its sandy microclimate. A light, vibrant wine. The magnum format is perfect for showing-off its strengths.


The fine acidity of this terroir gives it depth and freshness. Les Pucelles offers great drinkability now but will certainly find its peak after a few years of cellaring. This is the same terroir as Les Moulins de Beau Puys. For those who are passionate about terroir, a comparative tasting of the 2 cuvées is very interesting.

photo bt MDBP-1000×1000

The cuvee LES PUYS

C’est un terroir d’une grande finesse, les fruits délicats laissent souvent place à des flaveurs de gentiane, millepertuis … Un vin au profil aérien où finesse et complexité aromatique se mêlent pour notre plus grand plaisir.

The team

Valentin, the Winemaker

Valentin created the estate Domaine des Frères in 2019

Marie, the Dame de Coeur

She assists me in many daily tasks. She also manages a part of the customer relationships so that I can stay focus on vine growing. She welcomes particular customers for winetasting in the cellar on demand. And last but not least: She helps me to find a good balance between private life and work! 💕

Sam, the right-hand man

Sam is my tandem-partner, he has arrived on the estate in 2021. He is a very dedicated and passionate employee.

Agnès, the MAMA

Agnes is the one who manages the accouting and the invoice work. If she wasn't there, I would have much less time to do my ``real``job!